Premium Steel Targets

Premium Steel Targets by RangeMaster Rowdy made of AR500 Steel Targets & Mild Steel for Rifle, Handgun & 22 Caliber Rimfire

Premium Steel Targets



Premium Steel Targets — shooting targets made of AR500 Hard Steel & Mild Steel — by Lewis Manufacturing Company. All of our premium steel targets are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These Heavy-Duty Premium Steel Targets are waterjet cut and provide fine performance for a long life.

Steel Target Types

Key Features of RangeMaster Rowdy Steel Targets:

AR500 Hard Steel

AR500 Hard Steel a popular choice with most for heavy-duty large volume shooting durability.
Mild Steel provides excellent impact absorption that reduce the chances of bullet ricochet.

Square Tubing Stand

Square Tubing Stand is a standard feature on most premium steel targets. The stands incorporate a bullet splitter design that provides long life.

Easy Transport & Storage

For Easy Transport & Storage, most of these premium steel targets are designed to be taken apart and lay flat or just fold and lay flat for ease of transportation and storage without the need for any tools.

Audible Impact Feedback

Premium Steel Targets have a unique advantage over non-metal targets by providing an audible unmistakable feedback upon bullet impact. This is enhanced further by incorporating flappers and swingers in some of the targets for additional visual and audible feedback. Just watch the videos to see for yourself.

Easy Maintenance

Steel targets can easily be cleaned and field repainted in the target range for to improve visual steel target impact recognition. This enables the user to improve their shot grouping as quickly and as efficiently as possible.