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Rimfire Dueling Tree 10 Targets

Rimfire, Fast and Fun for Two Shooters. Ten 3″ Targets




Rimfire Dueling Tree 10 TargetsRimfire Dueling Tree 10 Targets — This model is specifically designed for exclusive use with Rimfire Rifles and Handguns. The tree has ten 3″ round targets made of 5/16″ Mild Steel. The targets are mounted on heavy-duty angle iron post.

This Rimfire Dueling Tree Target (aka Shooting Tree) allows two or more shooters to compete against each other to see who is the fastest by moving one’s targets to the other side while the opponent is doing the same. First shooter with all targets on its side is the loser. This target is fast and fun. Watch the Videos to see for yourself.

Lewis Waterjet Cold CuttingThese targets are cut with waterjet cutting technology that unlike plasma cutting, provides very smooth and warp free edges.

The targets can be easily re-painted onsite for easy shot pattern identification.

Additional information

Weight45 lbs
Dimensions36 × 36 × 40 in

Action Videos

Rimfire Dueling Tree Starts at 1:39 Time


Gun / Ammo:
Target Material:5/16" Mild Steel Plates
Stand:Heavy-duty angle iron posts bolted to the target
Size, Weight:10 Targets 3" Diameter Each
Overall 5' 8" Tall, 81 lbs.
Transportability:Not meant to be taken apart but if needed the base can be un-bolted with proper wrench.




  1. Always Maintain the following Minimum Safe Distance from the shooter to targets. Shooter shall not get closer than these distances to any Lewis Targets. All others should stay behind the line of fire.
    1. 30 Feet for Handguns
    2. 50 Yards for Rimfire Rifles
    3. 150 Yards for Centerfire Rifles
  2. Always wear approved safety glasses & ear protection when shooting or observing shooting at any Lewis Target.
  3. Never fire a gun under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. To reduce the likelihood of (a) bullet ricochet, DO NOT USE jacketed ammunition.
  5. All shooters must be trained & qualified in the proper and safe use of firearms.
  6. Minors shooting at targets must do so under proper and qualified adult supervision.
  7. Always inspect the targets before & after use for proper and safe operation. Do not use a target if any damage or improper operation is found.

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